CICY Biofactory strengthens plant-multiplication technologies

Biofactory at the YUcatan Scientific Investigation Center (CICY)

With the aim of transferring the protocols of massive propagation of elite plants and having a positive impact on the economy and agriculture of the country, the Yucatan Scientific Investigation Center (CICY) consolidates its biofactory with the production of several species such as coconut, henequen, mezcal, tequila, annatto and hermaphroditic papaya .

This was announced by Dr. Carlos Guillermo Borroto Nordelo, technology transfer advisor and director of Merida’s CICY Biofactory, who revealed that this year they will be working on the multiplication of pineapple and coffee varieties.

Dr. Borroto talked about the cultivation of coconut and announced that the CICY is the only center in the world that produces coconut plants through commercial tissue culture.

He also mentioned that their plants are already being used in Yucatan, Colima and Guerrero, and that these specimens are totally resistant to Lethal Yellowing, a disease that devastated all the coconut plantations of the Yucatan Peninsula and the Atlantic coast of Mexico years ago.

Currently, he said, it is sought to introduce new dwarf genotypes and coconut hybrids of high productivity and resistance; as well as multiply achiote plants with high bixin content; support the Coffee Recovery Program in the south-southeast area, in the states of Chiapas and Oaxaca, to multiply disease-resistant plants.