Campeche, special guest at the International Book Fair in Mexico City

Governor Alejandro Moreno Cárdenas; the rector of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), Enrique Graue Wiechers and the Secretary of Federal Culture, María Cristina García Cepeda, led the opening ceremony of the XXXIX edition of the International Book Fair of the Mining Palace (FILPM), where Campeche, as a guest state, will carry out 64 activities including artistic presentations, workshops, editorials, theatrical plays and more.

During the inauguration in the Assembly Hall of the Mining Palace, Moreno Cárdenas pointed out that Campeche is a land of literature, culture, art and nationalism, but also the birthplace of illustrious men and women who have contributed significantly to Mexico’s heritage, such as Justo Sierra Méndez, María Lavalle Urbina, Juan de la Cabada, Héctor Pérez Martínez, Fernando Sánchez Mayáns, Brígido Redondo, Jorge Cocom, Ramón Suárez, Radamés Novelo Zavala and Silvia Molina, among others.

Before, the Federal Ministry of Culture acknowledged the UNAM for its contribution to the country’s education and for the importance that it gives to books as treasures of knowledge and strength for life.

Graue Wiechers highlighted UNAM’s role in the history of Mexico and the named some of the most UNAM, illustrious authors and intellectuals campechanos, announcing that UNAM in coordination with the Autonomous University of Campeche will open the Bachelor of Anthropology and Archeology.

Meanwhile, the director of the Faculty of Engineering of the UNAM, Agustín Escalante Sandoval, during his welcome message, informed that in this 39th edition of the FILPM, more than 400 publishers and book distributors participate, as well as 60 universities from Mexico and other countries.

He said that from today and until March 5, more than 1,300 activities between conferences, workshops, book presentations and concerts will be carried out at the facilities of the Mining Palace.

In the case of Campeche, as a guest state he will carry out the presentation of 29 books, literary works and research creations, among them:

  • Calakmul, corazón de jade;
  • ¡Lotería! Un mundo de imágenes, las figuras de la lotería de Campeche y México, by José E. Ortiz Lanz;
  • Campeche, a través de su sazón, by Lolina Echeverría;
  • Recetarios Campechanos: Cocina tradicional del Camino Real y cocina tradicional de Los Chenes
  • Artesanías, expresión viva de nuestras raíces, by Silvia Molina.


  • Tres caídas y un salto al mar, by Esteban Hinojosa Rebolledo
  • El Dragón blanco y otros personajes olvidados,  by Adolfo Córdova,
  • Cuentos de la niña agua, by Arturo Arroyo

these last three were winners of the Premio Bellas Artes de Cuento Infantil.

The Romanza Campeche will also be participating, and the theatrical play “Teresa Panza” will be a feature presentation and some books will be read.

At the end of the inaugural event, Governor Moreno Cárdenas; the rector Graue Wiechers, and the secretary of federal Culture, toured the exhibition organized by the Faculty of Engineering of the UNAM.


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