“Camino de Flores” a flower path in the heart of Mérida

Camino de Flores, ready for the visitors. (Photo: yucatan.com.mx)

The designs of the old  “pasta” colorful floors that were used in Mérida’s houses, the traditional embroidery patterns featuring animals, birds and reptiles of the peninsula, are part of the third edition of Camino de Flores, inaugurated on Sunday March 25 by mayor Maria Fritz Sierra in the park of “Mejorada”.

All the designs are made up with flowers, and hand crafted by Yucatecan artisans. For this edition, visitors will be able to admire 10 different sculptures of species such as white-tailed deer, hummingbird, Central American tapir, armadillo, Yucatecan wild turkey, possum, tolok and anteater, among others.

For this year’s Camino de Flores, more than half a million flowers from the municipal nursery and nurseries of the State of Morelos Some of the different types of flowers used are cempasúchil, carnation, panalillo, chrysanthemus, petunias, mondo grass, cow tongue, cordelines and carisa, among others.

As in past editions, Camino de Flores featured a 100-meter long walkway, in addition to the well-known letters of Mérida Ciudad Blanca, so visitors can take photos (and selfies) with the path in the background.

Source: Diario de Yucatán