At Playa Bonita Campeche they pay particular attention to persons with reduced mobility

(Foto: Noticieros Televisa)

In Campeche, “Playa Bonita” offers security, in addition to an infrastructure totally designed with disabled and elderly people in mind.

Sidewalks, ramps, a wooden boardwalk along the strip of sand, special furniture and adapted wheelchairs to help the person reach the sea, this way, travelers with motor disabilities can move easily and access the sea.

“We have the furniture so that the elderly or disabled can get into the water and we also have walkers to help those who can not walk, canes for either children and adults too, we have special wheelchairs so that they can go from the palapas to the ocean” said Darely Castillo, staff at “Playa Bonita”.

If you are in Mérida and wondering where to spend some quality time with that special member of the family, Playa Bonita is probably your best option. (Photo: Noticieros Televisa)

“We have 7 palapas reserved exclusively for people with different capabilites (personas con capacidades diferentes). The beach has all the signage for people with different disabilities, and there are special areas where the patient can spend quality time with the family.” said Francisco Novelo, Head Manager of Playa Bonita.

According to the System for the Integral Development of the Family DIF, there are 4 inclusive beaches in Mexico:

  1. Cuastecomates in Jalisco
  2. Bahia Kino in Sonora
  3. Playa Delfines in Cancun, Quintana Roo
  4. Playa Bonita in Campeche