Anti-rabies vaccination campaign for cats and dogs in Progreso

Photo: (Yucatána ahora)

MÉRIDA, Yuc.- An anti-rabies vaccination campaign for dogs and cats was announced in Progreso due to the heat wave that has been hiting the region, in order to avoid the emergence of cases of this disease among companion or street animals in this port.

According to the announcement, the “First Canine and Feline Anti-Rabies Vaccination Campaign 2018” will last from Monday March 12 to Wednesday April 21.

In this sense, the Coordination of Ecology and Environment, headed by Edilberto Quezada Dominguez, encourages pet owners to take their pets to the different vaccination posts for their own good, as this application protects companion animals against rabies and this prevents the disease from being transmitted to the human population.

It is recommended that the dose of vaccine should be applied when the pet is one month old, and then once a year throughout its life. The vaccination posts will be working from 9 in the morning to 1 in the afternoon, this a free of charge service provided by the State and Municipal governments.

Source: SIPSE