The advances in regulatory improvement, the municipal investments in quality infrastructure to promote tourism and culture, and the opening of businesses have been a determining factor to place Mérida as one of the five main municipalities in Mexico with the largest amounts of real estate investment: for this year an amount of approximmatelly 2 billion dollars is expected, according to the Association of Real Estate Developers.

Mayor María Fritz Sierra was informed of these indicators in the framework of the protest meeting of the 2018 Directive Council of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI) Mérida delegation, a ceremony in which the municipal president highlighted the contributions of this agency to the programs of Municipal Urban Development and the Construction Regulations of the Municipality of Mérida, joint work that creates a circle of well-being that is making the capital of Yucatan a real “magnet” for investments.

At the ceremony in which its new president, Aquiles González Chacón took office, mayor María Fritz said that this common effort is based on the premise of making Mérida a better city to live, in which all Meridans have the same opportunities to succeed.

“In 2017 we invested more than one billion pesos and we will invest an additional 500 million pesos,” she said.

She added that the priorities have been to improve mobility through construction or rehabilitation of roads and parks to create more spaces for coexistence; community kitchens, homes and cultural centers, among others.

The mayor also publicly acknowledged the contribution of Beatriz Gamboa Lago, who was national president of AMPI and has worked tirelessly for her association and the development of Mérida.


From the beginning of the administration, a series of actions were launched such as the establishment of the electronic signature, the Rupamm, the creation of a Rapid Business Opening System, the procedures for the Issuance of Operating and Construction Licenses, as well as the elaboration of a digital catalog with more than 300 municipal procedures.

Merida continues to consolidate as a real estate investment pole, as it has been highlighted many times in the last year or two.

Aquiles González Chacón, incoming president of AMPI Mérida section, declared: “the real estate development of the city stands out in four key sectors: housing, commercial, tourism and industrial. Merida has turned into one of the top five municipalities with more investment nationwide. ”

Mérida is one of the five main municipalities in Mexico with the largest amounts of real estate investment. (TYT)

More than 39,000 homes are scheduled for construction this year, in 62 different real estate developments. In the commercial area, more than 250,000 square meters are available, talking about tourism: more than 29 hotels are currently under construction in Mérida, and an investment of more than 300 million dollars is projected for the industrial sector .

TYT Newsroom with information from Diario de Yucatán