Yucatecan company to develop shopping mall and Eco-Tourism project in the state

"Plaza City 32" project (Photo: Diario de Yucatán)

According to the request for authorization of environmental impact published on Friday Jan. 25 in the Official Gazette, a new shopping mall that will include a hotel and office space will be built in the north of Merida as well as a tourism project that will include a zip-line, a suspension bridge and docks in a number of cenotes in the area of Homun, both projects in charge of the company “Inmobiliaria y Promotora Real de Yucatán“.

The project that has been named: Plaza City 32, will have 38 shops and 52 office spaces, while the hotel is expected to have around 130 rooms and it is going to be located in a 22,000 square meters in Montebello, northern Mérida.

Regarding the eco-tourism project, the Official Gazette published on January 17 the request for authorization of environmental impact to the Secretariat of Urban Development and Environment of the government of the State.

The plan consists of a tourist resort of 50 hectares of common use. This land is owned by the ejido of Homún, and it is known as the Hunucmá-Tekit-Izamal Plain.

The project is called “U Yaalal Tunich”, and is in charge of “Grupo de Ecoturismo Homún” directed by Mr. Buenaventura May May.

Cenote Yaxpakaltun in Homun, Yuc. (Photo: Google)


This tourist resort will have the cenotes as the main attraction (there are literally thousands of cenotes in the Homun area), and will include a zip line and a suspension bridge, for which some towers will be installed.

It will also have a large parking lot, a restaurant, restrooms, palapas, tourist parador, rest areas and roads that will connect the cenotes.

Solar Panels will be used for the supply of electrical energy in this tourism project, so everything is as ecological ans sustainable as possible.

This project will soon be offered as an additional ecological tourism attraction in Yucatan, projecting the cenotes as a main attraction, but taking care of the environment as a priority.

Source: http://www.noticiasdeyucatan.news