Yucatán, at the forefront of technological education

“Yucatan is at the forefront of technological training to develop careers focused on the promotion of this growing sector that generates greater welfare and better employment opportunities”, stated authorities of the Ministry of Public Education (SEP).

After governor Rolando Zapata Bello inaugurated the XV International Conference of Administration “Innovation and Sustainability in the XXI Century”, the General Director of Technological and Polytechnic Universities of SEP, Héctor Arreola Soria, recognized the commitment of the current administration with education.

“This administration has a vision of creating sources of employment not only for manufacturing, but for the generation of work spaces with greater profitability, training and private initiative contribution for the benefit of the state of Yucatan “, Arreola Soria affirmed.

In front of a large group of the academic community from different parts of the country, he indicated that technological education in the state is comprehensive, aimed at promoting instruction with international vision and state-of-the-art technology, reason why the Polytechnic University of Yucatán (UPY) was created during the present administration, where students from all over Mexico will come to the Yucatan in response to the national demand of high quality higher education.

In the presence of the head of the Secretariat of Innovation, Research and Higher Education (SIIES), Raúl Godoy Montañez, Zapata Bello said that Yucatan relies on this sector because it is the path to progress. “We are convinced that education and knowledge are the keys to development, but we also know that it is a continuous, permanent process,” he said.

In front of the assistants, he added that the world demands new processes, more sustainable and aware of the social, economic and environmental problems that require constant updating with the creation of academic spaces and analysis that meet those needs.

“We must prepare the sutidents for the dynamic world that awaits them, and we must prepare them so that they can focus their talent and effort on improving this world in many ways, through two powerful tools, innovation and creativity,” Zapata Bello continued.

The governor pointed out that this is why an innovation ecosystem has been created, unique in the Mexican southeast, as the first Mexican university specialized in Information and Communication Technologies: UPY responds to the new economy, because during the last five years the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) related to these sectors, has increased the most in the country.

He added that the private sector, the public sector, professionals and civil society have an obligation to update themselves and contribute to regional, national and international dialogue.

In his speech, the rector of the Metropolitan Technological University (UTM), David Alpizar Carrillo, said that, under the perspective of innovation and sustainability, topics that will contribute to the professional training of young people need to be addressed.

“The intention is that today those who attend technological universities today, who will be leading projects and companies tomorrow, delve into relevant issues that will become agents of change for the progress of the country,” Alpizar Carrillo stated.

In this event issues such as education for sustainability, sustainability in the Mayan area and in different regions of the planet, and others that impact markets such as Neuromarketing and continuous improvement in the management systems of small and medium-sized firms were discussed.

Likewise, panel tables were set up to discuss the role of the female sector in modern companies, entrepreneurship, mistakes and successes of entrepreneurs, leadership and motivation. In addition, eachers from several different educational institutions held sessions as academic bodies in order to address the relevance and importance of higher education.

Source: yucatanalamano.com