The art of ancient Maya natural cleansing rituals and healing ceremonies has been renewed at Yaxkin Spa within the jungle gardens of Hacienda Chichen Resort, just a few steps from the majestic Maya temples of Chichen Itza.

This authentic Mayan Holistic Center has become a world favorite Maya Nature and Wellness Retreat in Yucatan, Mexico.

Here, guests experience the Mayan healing arts and rituals that renew the vital energy fields of the physical, emotional, and mental bodies; as our soul unites with the universe around us and the senses are soothed by Mother Nature’s most healing elements.

The Universidad Internacional de Ciencia y Tecnologia Maya granted Yaxkin Spa a formal certificate as an approved Maya holistic center. Yaxkin Spa is an active member of the Latino-Americana Spa Association.

Yaxkin Spa Mayan Healers use ancient sacred Mayan natural essential elements found in Mother Nature, such as Wild Organic Melipona Honey, Cacao, Aloe Vera, Mayan herbs, Mayan jade algae body mud, spirulina skin care, flowers and tropical fruits to invigorate and cleanse the body from toxins and anxiety.

Photo: Yax Kin

Their Spa wraps, Mayan fine clays, Sisal rubs, and marine sponge baths feature natural elements conceived to revitalize the spiritual and physical energy within a person, this is part of a holistic approach based on Maya healing rituals.

The customer can  choose one of the unique Mayan Spa wellness treatments, or let the Mayan Healers help them find the right Spa Wellness experience for each and every individual.

  • Mayan algae body mud wraps
  • Raw sea-salt rubs
  • Mayan Spa golden clay body rub,
  • Organic skin nourishing
  • Relaxing massages 
  • 100% organic Cacao and honey face masks
  • Natural antioxidant mask (for the perfect skin beauty care)

And more!

Contact Yaxkin Spa reservations department over the phone during reservation office hours:
Monday – Friday 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM

USA & Canada Toll Free:               1-877-631-4005
In Florida:                                       1-813-333-5469
Local Phone:                              +52-999-920-8407
Fax:                                            +52-999-920-8408

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