The Yucatan Peninsula finally integrated into the National Gas Pipeline System


San Francisco de Campeche, Campeche.- During the first six months of 2019 the Yucatan Peninsula will be finally interconnected with the north of the country through a gas pipeline that will be operated by the energy company Mayakán, which will offer the supply of natural gas to industrialists in this area, as it is integrated into the National Gas Pipeline System.

During his participation in the Fifth National Meeting for the 100 years of CONCANACO, presided by José Manuel López Campos, the Secretary of Energy, Pedro Joaquín Coldwell, highlighted that they are already working on the growth of the gas network in the country, in order to achieve the transformation that is required in the different regions of Mexico, such as the Yucatán Península.

“To define the needs of the business sector in the states of Yucatan, Campeche and Quintana Roo, the Mayakan company and the National Center for Natural Gas Control (CENEGAS), are already working in a coordinated manner for their development”, Joaquín Coldwell said.

In the presence of more than 300 business leaders belonging to the CONCANACO, the federal official gave the conference “Advances of the Energy Reform”, in which he explained that as part of this reform, 22 contracts will be granted to 11 different companies in order to develop gas pipeline projects, in which 12,242 million US dollars will be invested.

“For the Mexican southeast”, he stressed, “three projects are planned to reinforce and diversify the supply of natural gas: The interconnection pipeline Mayakán to (SISTRANGAS), which operation is estimated to begin in the first half of 2019”.

“The second is the Floating Regasification Unit, in Pajaritos, Veracruz, for which Pemex TRI prepares a plan to increase supplies in the short term, since it is scheduled to start the process of Terms of Reference”, he continued.

“Through this work PEMEX will supply natural gas to the petrochemical plants of the state of Veracruz and its surplus will be sent to the Yucatan Peninsula”, the federal official noted.

The latest project, is the conditioning of the Cempoala compression station, which is working to achieve the reconfiguration of the gas flow direction from Northeast Mexico to the  Gulf states.

“On the other hand, the extraction facility of Zecuala in Hidalgo is currently directed so that natural gas can travel from the southeast to the north of the country, And when the marine channel that will comes from Texas to Tuxpan, Veracruz, across the Gulf of Mexico is completed, then the fluid will be redirected, from northern Mexico to the Yucatan Peninsula, guaranteeing the gas supply for this region,”  the Secretary of Energy concluded.