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Solar investments that can save you a lot of money

by Yucatan Times
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The economic savings generated by the use of solar panels and the benefit that this represent to the environment, are the factors that have triggered the use and installation of solar panels as producers of clean energy.

“The business and residential sectors are beginning to look for this option, in order to generate their own energy and reduce the high costs of consumption”, said Lic. Francisco Cejudo Administrative Director of  Corporativo Cejudo

Corporativo Cejudo was founded by Jorge Francisco Cejudo Valencia in 1989 in Merida, Yucatan and has been growing over the years. Their main goal is to help their customers save money in electric power consumption through the use of renewable, clean energies such as solar energy.

They currently are one of the leading solar panel companies in Mérida, well established and with years of experience.

Francisco states that until three years ago, just a few homes in Mérida had solar panels, in fact his grandfather was one of the pioneers in this field 8 years ago. “Since my grandfather was one of the first users that brought this technology to the Yucatan, he had to deal with the CFE, and it took him more than 6 months to complete the whole installation process at his home”, Francisco mentions.

“However, today Corporativo Cejudo can handle the whole installation process and CFE procedure, in 20 to 30 working days, depending on the number of panels and the size of the installation. This technology is showing a very rapid growth in domestic and business use in Mérida, Progreso and other parts of the Yucatan. Businesswise, small, medium or large companies are now using solar panels to reduce costs and preserve the environment.” he added.

Francisco pointed out that there are currently more than 1,000 residences in Mérida that use solar panels to reduce the consumption of electricity supplied by the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), and a large number of companies and industries have installed this new technology that generates clean electricity and saves them thousands (or millions) of pesos a year.

Francisco states that the energy produced by the CFE is expensive; and explains that there are two different types of tariffs in Mérida:

  1. 1-B: which is the conventional fee per kilowatt.
  2. DAC: which applies for users who exceed the limit of 1,000 kilowatts per month and it is 200% more expensive than the conventional fee.

“Germany is home of the biggest and most renowned solar panel manufacturers in the world, and the solar panels that Corporativo Cejudo distributes are made in Germany and hold international certifications that accredits our company as official authorized distributor of this high-end technologically advanced equipment”, Francisco said.

Economically speaking, the use of solar panels is profitable because it really generates spectacular savings, the investment is recovered in less than three years and our equipment has a durability of up to 25 years, ” he continued.

He stressed that the use of solar panels is a proven technology that generates ecological and economic benefits and every year this type of alternative source of power has shown an unstoppable boom in Mérida.

“Solar energy has great acceptance in our city, as around 1,000 homes and businesses already have solar panel roofs in the state capital. However, a few years back, these panels were brought from abroad, their costs were very high and it was not profitable”.

“Nevertheless, more people are choosing to use solar energy these days, and Corporativo Cejudo specializes in the installation of these equipment, and as a certified company, we provide solar panels of the highest quality and we take care of our customers from A to Z”.

“We advise them on how many panels they need, we take care of the installation process (satisfaction guaranteed) and we also  take care of the interconnection with the CFE procedure and paperwork, as part of our all-around service”.

Francisco Cejudo invites all The Yucatan Times readers to contact Corporativo Cejudo for:

  • Personal free-estimate (with your electricity bill, Cejudo can tell you exactly how much you will save and calculate how long the ROI will take)

“Start saving today! If you have a High Domestic Consumption rate, or your power consumption is generally high, our solar panels are the solution you’ve been waiting for”, Francisco Cejudo concluded.

Interview by Alejandro Azcárate for The Yucatan Times

Corporativo Cejudo


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