Ricardo Anaya, Mexican presidential pre-candidate sends Trump message in English

On Tuesday February 6, Ricardo Anaya, presidential pre-candidate for the ‘Por México al Frente‘ coalition, sent a direct message to U.S. President Donald Trump (in English) demanding to protect the “Dreamers”.

Through a 2:52 min video, Anaya asked Trump not to turn those young people’s dreams “into currency for calculations and transactions”.

Anaya told Trump that the “Wall” is useless and offfensive, and reminded him that Mexico is a neighbor with a clear majority who has a positive attitude toward the American people and their culture, a friend that the U.S. can’t afford to loose…

Check out the video in English:

One year ago, on February 22nd 2017, Ricardo Anaya gave a Conference on Mexico at the George Washington University in Washington DC

Source: YouTube


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