Registration is open for the Jaguar Challenge

With the main objective of promoting the sport of mountain biking (MTB), the “Jaguar Challenge” (Desafío Jaguar), was officially presented in Yucatán. The event consists of four different stages and in which there will be three different categories: children, beginners (adults) and elite.

The presentation of this mountain bike race was led by Javier Cámara Arrigunaga, the main organizer and who will be responsible for one of the four phases of this extreme sport competition, that will take place at “Bicichobis Bike Park Laguna” in Mérida.

Organizers announced that the first stage will take place on Sunday February 18, starting at 8 am and during the course of the “Jaguar Challenge” participants that complete each phase, will be obtaining the corresponding pieces that in the end will form the medal (in case of succesfully finishing the four phases).

  • Phase 1 Bicichobis BP Mérida (Feb. 18)
    Phase 2 Hacianda Bolontunil Chumayel (Apr. 15)
    Phase 3 Las Palomas BP Mérida (Jun. 24)
    Phase 4 Balak BP Tekax (Nov. 25)

Phase number four wraps up the event with the great challenge of challenges, which is one of the new features in this mountain biking competition.

The Jaguar Challenge was officially presented. (Photo:

According to Camara Arrigunaga, Mérida is the city with the highest number of mountain cyclists in the Peninsula.

“There will be a separate competition for children, beginners and elite, we want as many children as possible to participate, because we need to promote cycling and avoid a sedentary lifestyle,” he said, adding that the members of the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Yucatán have already confirmed their participation in the event.

“We believe that the Youth Symphony Orchestra participation will give a cultural touch to the event,” Cámara Arrigunaga said.

The he added: “During the four stages of the  ‘Jaguar Challenge’, there will be food trucks, soft drinks and children’s games at the different venues. We want to promote cycling and have a nice time in family, as all family members can practice this beautiful sport”.

For this year’s Challenge, people can register online at , where they can find more information on this event.



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