Ready to treat your sweetheart for dinner on Valenitne’s? It can cost you up to 1,500 pesos!

The prices for reservations in restaurants for two people, prior to February 14 range from 400 and up to 1,500 pesos, (Photo from the web)

MÉRIDA, Yucatán.- Prices for reservations for two in Mérida restaurants , on the eve of Valentine’s Day, range from 400 up to 1,500 pesos.

Restaurants around the world boost sales by marketing gift baskets for this special night, selling quality chocolates or giving a rose to each woman on Valentine’s Day. Many restaurants take a more elaborate approach by offering special menus, decorations and cross-promotions with florists, musicians, jewelers and plastic artists.

But here in the Yucatan, this date is normally one of the best of the year for the local restaurant industry, and as every year there will be promotions and special events depending on the type of establishment. And for many Merida residents (local or foreign), this romance-filled holiday is just another excuse to work up their appetites.

It’s “love at first bite”, as restaurants across the “White City” prepare for Valentine’s, and the National Chamber of Seasoned Food and Restaurant Industry (Cámara Nacional de la Industria Restaurantera y Alimentos Condimentados: CANIRAC) reported that a good number of food & drink businesses in the state capital have launched promotions for the whole week.

“We are expecting at least the same sales figures registered last year,” said Carlos Campos Achach president of CANIRAC.

Campos Achach explained that inflation and the increase in gasoline and LP gas prices, bring higher costs for supplies, ingredients and raw materials, and this situation results in higher prices on restaurant menus all over Mérida.

From flowers to a gift to dinner out, Valentine’s Day can be an expensive holiday, but Yucatecans are very romantic people, and they are aware of how valuable a nice dinner for two can be in a relationship.


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