Progreso Carnival leaves tons of garbage

Carnival in Progreso. (Photo:

After each day’s parades, street sweeper crews do their best to pick up the parade detritus in Progreso, but residents reported that the amount of trash in the area where the Carnival takes place is just overwhelming. Especially in the area where the “Cerveza Sol” concerts were held.

Believe or not, in places like New Orleans, authorities have even used the garbage tonnage they collect as a sort of carnivalsuccess barometer.

But Progreso residents have expressed their concern about the tons (literally) of garbage that are left near the beach.

“This has happened every year since these Carnival events have been held here in Progreso, people do not understand the danger of pollution, and it is worse when this ridiculous amount of trash is left so close to the beach,” a local resident told

However, local restauranteurs, vendors and merchants are pleased with these events as they result in an important economic revenue for their businesses.

“The high season for Progreso is obviously the holidays and long weekends, and with the Carnival long weekend and the concerts, many people come to town, consume in the restaurants, bars, stores and shops, and even spend the night here,” a local businessman said.

A group of young visitors that came to Progreso to attend the “Cerveza Sol” concerts stated that the hotels were all full. “We thought about staying here for the whole weekend, but all hotels are sold out, so we had to travel back and forth everyday between Mérida and Progreso to see the concerts”, they said.