Mexican Army C.O. declares that there is no organized crime in Yucatan


MÉRIDA, Yucatán.- The commanding officer of the X Military Region, General Gustavo Nieto Navarro, said that in comparison with other states in Mexico, Yucatán does not have an organized crime problem, however, drug trafficking (narcomenudeo) and drug consumption do exist in the state.

He stated that the armed forces have seized around 145 kilos of marijuana, 70 doses of hashish and cocaine do far this year in the state of Yucatán.

He also recalled that they also seized stolen diesel on the Mérida-Cancún highway, emphasized that no “huachicoleros” (fuel thieves) operate in the state, and that the stolen fuel was detected and confiscated in a control post installed in Peto, but the vehicle was coming from the state of Tabasco.

“The Mexican Army is working together with state and municipal authorities, in order to carry out these operations, so we can keep Yucatan as the safest state in the country,” Nieto Navarro concluded.