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Mauricio Vila closes his campaign’s first stage in Progreso, Valladolid and Tekax

by Yucatan Times
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Mauricio Vila Dosal, pre-candidate of the PAN political party to the governorship of Yucatan, concluded the first stage of the electoral process with three massive closures on Sunday, February 11: in Progreso, in the morning; Valladolid, in the afternoon, and Tekax, in the evening.

The triple closure was attended by more than ten thousand people, which added to the more than one hundred and twenty thousand that Vila Dosal gathered in this pre-campaign. In the final stretch, the precandidate did not slow down; on the contrary, it was an intense sprint.

“Yucatan deserves more. I’ve traveled thousands of kilometers within our beloved Yucatan which is wonderful, and our state hopes for better times,” Vila reiterated, Then, the pre-candidate continued; “This is how we are going to govern Yucatán, close to the people, in order to build a better future for all Yucatecan families.”

In Progreso, Vila Dosal confirmed that he toured the entire state in 32 days, which was his first commitment and he  fulfilled it. The host in this ceremony was Julián Zacarías Curi, precandidate of the PAN to the mayoralty of Progreso. He recalled in his speech the times in which he played soccer in the same team as Vila Dosal. “Shoulder to shoulder we made an effort and in many occasions we rose victorious”. Before in sport, now in life, the precandidate mayor said he was sure that in July “they both will win again”. Zacarías was accompanied by his family and friends.

Raúl Paz Alonzo, state president of the PAN; Silvia López Escoffié, state coordinator of Movimiento Ciudadano (MC); senator Rosa Adriana Díaz Lizama, representatives Beatriz Zavala Peniche and Manuel Argáez Cepeda and the mayors of Dzemul, Conkal, Motul, Yobaín, Tekal de Venegas and Hunucmá were also present at the event. One of the most outstanding presences was that of Ana Rosa Payán Cervera, former mayor of Mérida, pre-candidate of MC to senator and ex-member of the PAN party.

In Valladolid, in front of three thousand people, Vila Dosal emphasized his commitment to a clean campaign, “without lies and without messing up the good name of Yucatan and the Yucatecans,” he said. «This has always been my style: to build, not to destroy. To dialog, not to attack. To reach agreements with everyone because only then there is real progress. We come to unite not to divide».


In Tekax, Vila Dosal spoke of the need to govern with open doors. He addressed this topic accompanied by Diego Ávila Romero, precandidate for the mayor’s office. It is precisely in Tekax where that democratic inclusion is most evident, since Ávila Romero will lead PAN, MC and PRD to the front. “Everyone who wants to work tirelessly for our beloved land, with conviction, with honesty, is our ally. That’s why more and more Yucatecans are joining us,” Vila said.


Source: Yucatanalamano.com

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