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“I’m here to build the best version of Yucatan”: Mauricio Sahuí

by Yucatan Times
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By taking on the PRI’s candidacy for the State Government, Mauricio Sahuí Rivero called for building the best version of Yucatan in the coming years “with the audacity to try everything and with realistic planning to achieve it” (whatever that means).

In his message during the state convention of delegates, he affirmed that the bases and the propitious circumstances for the state to enter a new transformative stage exist, like the ones that Salvador Alvarado and Felipe Carrillo Puerto promoted one hundred years ago.

“It’s time to be the best version of ourselves, to become our own dream, with the best women, with the best men. We are going to build the best version of Yucatan,” he said.

After 49 days of pre-campaign and meetings with PRIistas of the state territory, the tricolor flagman noted that it is on the road where the political activity that serves the people begins.


The former Secretary of Social Development said that, although the route set by Governor Rolando Zapata Bello will be followed, which is changing the economic and social life of our state, the aspiration will be go go one step beyond in development.

“We Yucatecans are the kind of people that fight every day and we will always aspire for more. I believe in governments that aspire to improve what has been done and take advantage of the opportunities we have at our doorstep,” he said.

Sahuí Rivero offered to assume a leadership that sets ambitious goals of growth and, above all, that shows the route to reach those goals that will make Yucatan unfold all its potential.

He stressed that there are two fundamental pillars that will mark his government project: the economic development with better income distribution and the preservation of the quality of life without losing our tranquility and security.

“Both pillars, economy and security, must go in parallel and at the same speed. We cannot sacrifice social harmony for economic prosperity. Both must promote each other” he emphasized.

By abounding, he argued that Yucatan’s economy is maturing, that it it has great potential, which makes it necessary to continue with the industrial growth of a new generation and to promote better jobs and global competitiveness.

“We want a better version of Yucatan to be seen from every window and from every doorstep in the state,” he concluded.


Source: yucatanalminuto.com

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