Foreign tourists arrested after assaulting a woman in Playa del Carmen

Municipal police detained two foreign tourists,after allegedly assaulting a woman in a public bus. (Photo: Noticarbie)

On Tuesday February 6, after allegedly assaulting a woman inside a bus, the municipal police and citizens submitted two foreign tourists on Avenue 30 with 8th Street.

According to witnesses, the tourists were apparently under the influence of some drug and after damaging a food stall, they got on a Tucsa public transport bus, and one of them began to strangle a woman who was onboard.

The rest of the passengers immediately reacted and got the two indivuduals off the bus, wrestling with both of them.

However,  one of the suspects was too big and strong and defended himself hurting some of the passengers, until municipal police agents arrived on the scene and after putting up a fight, the man was finally subdued.

In the meantime, an ambulance arrived to take care of the assaulted woman and the two foreigners. The one that was subdued by the police ended up with a bloody nose and a big cut in the eyebrow.

One of the tourists had to be taken in ambulance, with a bloody nose and cut in the eyebrow. (Photo: Noticaribe)

Source: Noticaribe