Exemplary Yucatecan police officer accidentally drowns in a well

(Photo: SIPSE)

MÉRIDA, Yucatán.- Pedro Celestino Martín Sansores, agent of the Procedural Police of the Ministry of Public Security, drowned, apparently intoxicated with gas when he was cleaning a well in his hometown of Halachó, Yucatán.

His death caused commotion among the staff of the Procedural Police and law enforcement personnel of the State Public Security Secretariat who work in the Oral Justice Center of Mérida, because this officer was known as a great humanitarian with a huge desire to excel.

According to his co-workers, Pedro Celestino went to the United States when he was a teenager, in search of the American dream, but then returned to his hometown Santa María Acú, in Halachó to live with his family.

Two years ago, he joined the Police Training Institute Luis F. Sotelo Regil of the Public Security Secretariat and upon graduation he was assigned to the newly created Procedural Police, which is in charge of providing security and transfer detainees from detention facilities to the halls in the Oral Justice Center of Merida.

The wish to provide a better quality of life for his family, caused Pedro Celestino to raise sheep in his home, located in Santa María Acú, in search of obtaining more income.

The uniformed was also enrolled in a local university, where he was in the fourth semester of law school.

Around 6:30 AM on Tuesday Feb. 13, Pedro Celestino went to work in the field to feed his animals, but shortly before four in the afternoon, a resident of Santa Maria Acú told his relatives that he had suffered an accident.

His relatives tried to rescue him but ended up calling the local firefighters, who were able to pull Pedro Celestino out of the well and moved him to a health center in that area, but the doctors could not save his life.

The autopsy performed by the Forensic Medical Service determined that the cause of death was asphyxiation by submergence (drowning), as apparently he became dizzy due to a gas leak inside the well.

A commander of the Procedural Police accompanied the relatives to carry out the legal procedures in the State Attorney General’s Office to recover the body of Pedro Celestino so he could be buried in his community

On Wednesday Feb. 14, agents of the Procedural Police assigned to the Oral Justice Center of Mérida, wore a small black bow in their left arm as a sign of mourning, for the loss of their dear partner.

Source: SIPSE