Dutch photographer selects Mayan cenotes for “Nereidas” collection

The "Nereidas" were taken in cenotes of Yucatan (Photo: SIPSE)

Mérida, Yuc.- On Tuesday February 22, Dutch photographer Lianne Strik inaugurated her photographic exhibition “Nereidas” at El Zapote Gallery, that consists of images captured in the underground world of the cenotes in the Yucatán Peninsula.

The exhibition presents the female figure in aesthetic compositions that are evocations of the Greek deities, hence the name, which the visual artist uses to address universal themes such as time, life and feelings.

The work required more than three years, in which the creator explored different underwater landscapes and worked with different models to compose each of the photographic pieces in her series.

“The collection is made up of 9 pieces taken digitally, for which nor edition or artificial light were used during or after the session. Scuba gear is not used in photos, and models are mostly women from different countries”, Lianne said.

She explained that in order to carry out each of the photographs she began to work in the exploration of new scenarios, testing them with different models and objects, such as mirrors, clocks and characteristic elements of the region and of the Mayan culture.

The photographer said that one of the models that appears in the photographic collection did not know how to swim, but thanks to the experience, she ended up as a specialized free diver, achieving immersions of up to thirty meters to carry out the creative work.

Source: SIPSE