Carnival Valor brings business to Progreso

PROGRESO.- On February 8, the good tourist streak continued in Progreso with the arrival of the “Carnival Valor“, which was the fourth cruise of the week, and arrived from Cozumel with 3,289 passengers at 9:32 a.m.

At 10:30 am, all tourists who bought trips to visit archaeological zones, Mérida, Telchac Puerto and other destinations began to disembark.

The foreigners visited the market and different shops in Progreso, where the vendors reported good sales and indicated that the passengers bought dresses, blouses, bracelets, necklaces, handcrafts and other souvenirs such as hats, cigars, figurines and chess sets with Mayan figures.

After shopping in the tianguis, the passengers walked to the “Malecón”, and many of them went straight to the beach.

Approximatelly 1,000 passengers that got off the cruise were walking around Progreso’s boardwalk at 12 noon.

A tourist borrows a troubadour’s guitar, performing several songs and tipping him with $ 10 USD ($ 191). (Photo: yucatanalamano)

One of the Carnival Valor passengers borrowed a troubadour’s guitar, performed several songs and tipped the man with $ 10 USD ($ 191 Mexican pesos). The Mexican street artist said he did well because he was able to raise some $ 30 USD ($ 574.50 Mexican pesos) in one day.

The younger passengers (springbreakers) bought “caguamas” and drank them sitting on the beach or while walking around the “Malecón”.