Armed robbery reported in two Motul stores

MOTUL .- Around 2:35 in the afternoon of Wednesday February 21, the managers of the Soriana supermarket and the Coppel in Motul called 911 and said three men with guns were assaulting both the Soriana supermarket and the Coppel store, both located on 28th Street between 31 and 33, in Motul, 30 miles east of downtown Mérida, Yucatán.

Immediately, municipal police officers arrived onsite, and the police mobilization started, but no arrests were made.

A group of officers startes questioning the managers and cashiers of the two stores to ask about the robbery.

While another group of agents went to the Bodega Aurrerá supermarket but did not locate the criminals there either.

Workers from Soriana and Coppel informed 911 that it was an armed robbery, but the three subjects, , apparently shoplifters,  never flashed their guns out, as it can be seen in the surveillance video.

The employees said that the thieves took off on a blue Nissan Versa”. They fled before the officers arrive.


Source: Diario de Yucatán

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