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“All we need is Love” Obrador preached on his “moral” constitution during his visit to Mérida

by Yucatan Times
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On Wednesday Feb. 21, Andrés Manuel López Obrador visited Mérida, Yuc, as part of his policital campaign towards the 2018 election.

Obrador had an interview with reporters who were waiting at the doors of the building where he met in private with the local structure of his political party Morena. He said that he will not talk more about the “mafia in power, or criticize the press,” because he does not want to be provoked”, reported Proceso.

He took some minutes to speak about the “moral constitution” that he had been insisting on for months, without being able to explain in more detail, when questioned about it. And when sa journalist asks Obrador about what kind of real strategy to combat organized crime, will he use on case of winning the election, he usually claims to be mistreated by the press to evade the question.

“I am convinced that the problem in Mexico is not just a crisis due to the lack of material goods, it is also a crisis due to the loss of moral, spiritual and cultural values”, Obrador stated.

Lopez Obrador came to Mérida and declared that “All we need is love” (TYT)

“Therefore, we need to promote a new current of thought where the most important thing is honesty and love towards the others.” He clarified that his approach has nothing to do with religion, and emphasized that he was talking about non-religious precepts of pre-Christianity,” (Whatever that means).

The presidential candidate for MORENA, PARTIDO DEL TRABAJO (PT) and PARTIDO ENCUENTRO SOCIAL (PES) recalled that such an approach “was made by the early XX century Mexican liberal, Alfonso Reyes, who was a writer, philosopher and diplomat, nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature five times. who wrote a moral booklet (or manual) for his fellow Mexcians  Lopez also considered that due to lack of culture, many Mexicans have no knowledge of our history, and whoever does not know where he comes from, does not know where he is going”. he added,

“Yesterday with businessmen from Tabasco, today with those from Yucatan and tomorrow Quintana Roo. In Mexico,  it is necessary “to promote the creation of a state of morality, we must moralize the country. If you are a religious believer or not, it doesn’t matter, it’s about family values not believes: Honesty, respect, love for your neighbor.” López Obrador concluded.

TYT Newsroom with information from SIPSE

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