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Yucatecan artist says “Tango is intimacy with yourself”…

by Yucatan Times
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Alejandro Pinzón is a Yucatecan who goes where his bandoneon takes him and e lives to Tango… He plays it, dances it and speaks it. Tango is almost everything in his life as a musician and as a person, the genre has given him that many satisfactions and new experiences around the world.

Based in North Carolina, USA, Alejandro comes to Merida every year, combining work with the opportunity to visit his family and friends.

“I do not deny that there are days when music makes us live through moments of crisis and you have to manage to overcome rouble, but when you have the opportunity to execute music – and make a living out of it – you live and feel it with all the pores in your skin,” says Alejandro, who is a graduated instrumentalist and orchestra director with doctoral studies in the United States.

Café Sukra : entrevista al músico Alejandro Pinzón, yucateco que se presenta en el Mérida Fest Enero 17 de 2018- Foto Celis

11 years ago, Alejandro fell in love with Tango, a genre that led him into a new world as a person and musician, first of all, because he never had to leave his first love, the violin, but he also learned to play the bandoneón, and if that were not enough, then he dared to learn how to master this complicated dancing discipline, something he had never done it with any other type of music.

“China, Vietnam, Spain, Italy … there are no limits to Tango. You can go to the farthest place on the planet and there you will find a group that will dance or perform it musically, so you should not be surprised to see a Yucatecan playing the bandoneon along with other musicians in Pittsburgh, Reno and North Carolina,” Alejandro says joyfully.

While he drinks his lemonade slowly, his enthusiasm does not cease as he talks about Tango, both as a musician and as a dancer, and his precious bandoneon (which he ordered to be tailored with specific details in Germany), that he can use from acoustic to an almost rockn’roll type of sound.

“This marvelous instrument was created in Germany to play religious music, but in time, it was played in brothels in Argentina, so couples could Tango,” he said, referring to the background of the instrument that gives such a special and unique touch to this genre.

Alejandro es planning to create a Mexican-Argentinian Tango orchestra in collaboration with musicians and artists from the province of Córdoba, Argentina. This project will start to take shape in September this year.

On Wednesday 24 and Thursday 25, Alejandro presented a program in Mérida that included Tango, Waltz and Milonga. “It was a concert in which we asked the people to let themselves be carried away by the passion that each note transmits” Alejandro said.

“We are always in search of new spaces for projects that go out of the ordinary and what else I would I want but to play more often in Mérida. It would be fantastic… ’cause let me tell you that, for me, Tango is like having an intimate moment with yourself”, Alejandro concluded.


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