CANCUN — The Cancun Tourism Board has launched Time to Cancun, a social media branding campaign aimed to engage digitally savvy travelers.

The campaign highlights the best of every aspect of the destination, from the beaches to cuisine, and natural highlights.

The strategy will be launched in four stages with the goal to engage, share and reinforce messaging about how guests can spend their time in Cancun and explore the destination’s diversity, including water activities, gastronomy, romance and culture.

The campaign’s anchor is the #TimetoCancun hashtag, which will be promoted among social media users encouraging them to share their Cancun experiences.

A study of Internet Trends conducted by the KPBC company, mentions that 75% of internet traffic on tourist destinations is on video; hence, the launch of the #TimeToCancun campaign is a video created with user-generated content.

An essential part of the success of this campaign is the teamwork between the different public and private sectors in the field of tourism as well as the local community to highlight and transmit the values that make Cancun a global reference destination.

Esperanza Castellanos, representante del área digital de la OVC; Marisol Vanegas, secretaria de Turismo de Quintana Roo; Lizzie Cole, Directora General de la Oficina de Visitantes y Convenciones de Cancún: (Foto: