Once again, the sighting of crocodiles has caused alarm. As previously stated in this article, of the three crocodiles on Punta Esmeralda beach caused the area to remain closed to the public for almost six hours, while emergency responders implemented a protocol with the intention of capturing the reptiles. At 0800 hours tourists who came to this area, in the vicinity of colonias Luis Donaldo Colosio Murrieta and Nicte Ha, asked for help. Eight members of the Civil Protection Coordination arrived at the site, plus three elements of the Fire Department and two lifeguards from the Paradisus hotel joined in the search for the reptiles.

The search was unsuccessful in most of the morning, although some tourists mentioned, having seen the crocodiles swimming far from the coast.

Tourists showing Civil Protection staff the location of the reptiles. Photo by: Octavio Martínez for Grupo SIPSE 2015

Return to the mangrove
Time passed and around 1400 hours, the three animals left the sea to enter the mangrove area again, according to Lucio Salvador Arguea, deputy operational director of Civil Protection. “These animals come out because there is a lot of humidity in the environment, and the rain spreads through the area. We do not mistreat them when we capture them and reintroduce them back to their natural areas. We ask people to be careful with these reptiles.” (SIC)

After 2:00 pm, Civil Protection allowed bathers to enter the sea again.
The beach area of ​​Punta Esmeralda has become one of the sites of Playa del Carmen where it is increasingly common to see these animals.

Last year the authorities captured three. However from 2013 to 2017 almost 50 cocodriles have been captured and returned to their natural habitats.

Other encounters.
There have been other encounters with these animals. Here are some:

Why are crocodriles coming out of their habitat?
The beach area of ​​Punta Esmeralda has become one of the sites of Playa del Carmen where it is increasingly common to see these animals; Many biologist agree, with the fact that humans are invading and destroying and causing the disappearance of wetlands and mangrove areas due to tourism development which becomes a factor for more human encounters with crocodiles. We are invading their habitat and the crocodiles are territorial.



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