Former mayor of Mérida arrested for DUI after failing breathalyzer test

The former mayor of Mérida Renán Barrera Concha, who is also a current pre-candidate for Mérida’s municipal presidency, was arrested on January 21 while he was allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol, along Periférico’s kilometer 3. Renán Barrera has already apologized publicly for the events occurred early Sunday morning.

The former mayor had to meet a 24 hours arrest, as it is mandatory by law for this kind of  “administrative fault”, from 3 am Sunday January 21, to 3 am Monday January 22.

Barrera Concha got stopped at check point on Periférico, where the breathalyzer indicated that he was exceeding the alcohol level permitted to drive a motorvehicle, and therefore, he was detained and his car taken to the municipal pound.

Renán Barrera Concha (Youtube)

In a statement, the former mayor of Merida expressed that during his detention the police officers behaved respectfully and appropriately. Barrera Concha who has been postulated for the second time by the PAN political party to contend in this year’s elections for the mayoralty of Merida, said that his apologies are mainly directed to the Merida society, his family and all of his friends, followers and collaborators who have shown him solidarity and support.

Barrera Concha, who is already in the pre-campaign stage to seek approval of the PAN militants, said that he is aware that the Yucatecans’ security, talking about Merida particularly, is a priority, and that “he believes in the law as the basis of social coexistence”.

Finally, he remarked that all the time during his detention he followed the protocols and indications that the officers pointed out and acknowledged that he received a professional treatment at all times.