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FORBES: It is time for Mexico to focus on Asia (and think less about the United States)

by Yucatan Times
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According to Forbes.com, the way the United States closes its economy and ceases to guarantee world peace, forces business leaders to turn to a region that has its own charm.

2018 starts under the sign of uncertainty. An uncertainty to which, in truth, we are already getting used to. In less than two years, an impressive number of events have suddenly changed the world order. It is clear that we are going through a period of transition, but where are we heading to?

From the current chaos, the world system features two characteristics:

  • The first is that there is, at the moment, no superpower capable of taking charge of global security. Among the failures of Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, and the mismanagement of the Korean question, the US fails to maintain its Pax Americana over the world.
  • The second characteristic is that the countries of the first world are affected by problems that until yesterday defined the developing countries. Between unrestrained populism, religious and ethnic tensions, and the impoverishment of the middle class, it is no longer the second world (the underdeveloped or emerging countries) that has approached the first world, but it is the first world that is approaching the second.

While the first world suffers, the developing countries continue their race towards economic growth (albeit at different speeds). These countries seem to have definitively renounced any ambition for democratic development.

Transitions do not march towards democracy and therefore it would be better to define them as “hybrid regimes”, since they stably combine an imperfect democracy with authoritarian profiles.

In addition, as it can be observed in China, liberal and democratic rights are not an essential condition for growth.

The Chinese economy grows at a very high rate while maintaining an authoritarian political structure.

2018 will be a year of great opportunities, but also of great challenges as growth in Asia shapes unprecedented geopolitical scenarios. Entrepreneurs in Mexico must become aware of the change and look to the Far East.

Source: https://www.forbes.com.mx/

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