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A mural for Susy at Centenario Zoo

by Yucatan Times
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Members of the urban art group “Creativos Alternos” led by Alejandro Cetina Tuz (a.k.a Nóookye) are painting a mural of the chimpancee named “Susy”, one of the emblematic animals of the Centenario Zoo, which has been part of it for more than 20 years.

Nóookye said that the current mural already has a 50% advance, and that diffrent mixed materials and techniques such as acrylic and airbrushing among others, had been used to produce this work of art.

Additionally, the artist anticipated that other five murals will be painted in the dining area and aquarium of the renovated park, to represent some the animal inhabitants of the zoo such as a giraffe and a tiger.

On the other hand, the painter said that this has been one of the most important projects that the group has been involved in, and that is why they have the commitment and obligation to do it as best as possible.

artistas urbanos que pintan alegorías sobre la chimpancé Susy en un muro del parque del Centenario.
Alejandro Cetina, Candelario Cauich, Carlos Solis.

“I came here when I was little and I never imagined seeing something like these paintings. Now new generations are going to visit the zoo and they will hopefully appreciate our work.” he said.

The artist stated that the graffiti arrived late in the state and the city unlike the center of the country and when it did it was frowned upon by a large part of the society. At that time, the things done with graffiti were done in a bad way. There was not a school where people could see or learn how it was supposed to be done.

However, this situation has been changing throughout time, now you can learn from several artists thanks to the Internet, you can see what is done in other places and then you can apply it here. Also, he said that today, our society and authorities are more open to provide spaces for this type of artistic expression.

“Just as we do custom work, when asked for something specific, we also have developed our own style”; Nóookye continued.

Recently, former mayor Mauricio Vila personally supervised the improvements that are being made in the Centenario, which are already 90% complete and said that it was necessary to demolish the old train station and build a new one that could be more functional, where more people can comfortably wait to board the train, which actually is one of the main attractions of this park. The Zoo will reopen at the beginning of next month.



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