Years in the works, La Plancha park project finally gets underway today

Aerial view fo the La Plancha lands (Photo: Google)

The first stage is the removal of the boxcars to perform a total cleanup and thereby ensure that the park will eventually offer the right conditions to host visitors of all ages…

MERIDA – The so-called “mini-Central Park” of the Yucatan capital ceased to be a proposal Wednesday Dec. 13, when work began to convert the former railway yards known as “La Plancha” into one of the best spaces in the city, according to information from the Gran Parque La Plancha Civil Association.

Aerial view of the La Plancha lands (Photo: Google)

The “Plan Maestro La Plancha” project divided the total area into seven zones, leaving the “A Zone” of 2.7 hectares (6.67 acres) reserved for artistic and cultural activities, taking advantage of the former train station, warehouses and platforms.

The warehouses located on the east side will be used for services, shops, offices, cafeteria, library and toilets, as well the general ​​access to the park. In the warehouses located to the west, are proposed  Workshops of Art and Trades, exhibition areas, sale of works, crafts and different products made in the “workshops”.

(PHOTO: Robert Adams)

In the “B Zone” of 4.7 hectares (11.61 acres) will be a ​​botanical garden, which will have walkways, trails, cycle paths, benches, access to urban gardens, open meeting spaces with tables and free internet access, among other services. The “C Zone” will have multiple uses and will be remodeled to give temporary space to fairs and attractions for children,

Between the two large areas that make up “La Plancha” is the Article 123 Park, which includes the “D” area, which will have the main access to the project. In this section dancing fountains are proposed.

The “E Zone” will be used to provide sports services, taking advantage of the softball field, and may also house collections of plants used in traditional medicine. The “F Zone” has the Museum of Railroads and could be expanded within the old cellars and serve for outdoor exhibitions, collections and nurseries.


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