Throwing a party? Here’s how to close a street in your Merida neighborhood

Party time has come, and if you love to celebrate along with your neighbors in a massive block party, this is surely “must-read” information…

MERIDA – For these holiday seasons, many residents of different colonies close their streets to celebrate the Virgin of Guadalupe, Christmas Eve or New Year, but you have asked yourself what is needed to close one street in your colony?

These are the steps to follow if you want to guarantee the success of your huge celebration:

  1. Fill out the application

For this type of permission you must download a form on the website of the municipality or you can make it from scratch, just making sure that the document has date and time of the event, exact address, as well as a list with signatures of all the neighbors who are in accord to the event. Also those signatures and names must be backed up with a copy of the elector’s credential.

  1. Do it with enough time before the celebration’s date

The process must be done up to five days before the date of the event. For example, for the celebrations corresponding to Christmas Eve, the last day to request the closure of streets is Monday December 18th, since the event will be next December 24th.

  1. Special precautions

The municipality indicates that if a bus route passes through the street where the event will take place, the organizer must request the approval of the transport company, to ensure that nothing will put in danger the people, and allow the bus enterprise to modify its route during the period in which the street will be closed.

  1. Inspection

Once the municipal authority have received the request from the neighbors, a municipal inspector will go to verify the information provided, especially that the address provided is correct. In addition the inspector will verify that all the neighbors who signed their consent really agree with the party, because if one neighbor manifests his rejection to the event, the request won’t be granted.