Chairman of the Commission of Transportation and Roads, César Navarro Medina, stressed that the parking meter should not be seen as an isolated measure, but within a comprehensive mobility plan in which cyclists are also considered, reported.

He said there is no need to fear parking meters which are used in many cities around the world. He says that officials are looking to install the meters by the middle of the next year. The first installation will include the downtown area.

“The mobility plan does not only include parking meters. It also includes bicycle lanes that will allow people to move from one place to another without saturating the streets,” he explained.

The official noted they are in the process of bidding, and therefore the name or names of the interested companies are unknown, but “personally I would love for several companies to participate.”

He mentioned the new mobility programs around the world privilege the pedestrian and people with disabilities, then the bicycle and finally the vehicle, so this measure is one more piece to move this complex gear that represents urban mobility in a city that continues to grow at a rapid pace.