Merida taxi fares among the most expensive in Mexico

Merida full of taxis (Photo: SIPSE, Milenio Novedades)

In addition to the three thousand units that already operate in the Yucatan capital, another 800 permits will be granted soon…

MERIDA – The three thousand taxis that operate in the city will soon be joined by at least another 800 assigned after a call issued last April by the Transport Directorate of the State of Yucatán (DTEY).

It worth to mention that to those almost four thousand taxis are added another 2,550 rental cars of enterprises that operate through digital platforms like UBER and Cabify, that makes Merida a city with more taxis than urban transport buses.

Merida full of taxis (Photo: SIPSE, Milenio Novedades)

Unfortunately this expansion in the service offer will not impact the rates in the short term, despite the fact that Merida is considered one of the places with the most expensive taxi service in the country, not only compared to public transport, but also compared to other states.

As an example, regardless of distance, in Chiapas the minimum taxi service fare costs $10 pesos per person, $20 in Guerrero, $18 pesos in Oaxaca, $20 in Chetumal and $25 in Campeche.

Some time ago, in an attempt to lower the rates, the taximeters emerged, but today, with their “nocturnal rates” (the service is more expensive at night) and the tricks that drivers make to charge more than the taximeter, service has gotten really expensive.

(Photo: Google)

Of the 800 concessions, industry sources reported, at least 600 were delivered to the Front of Workers of the Wheel (FUTV) union, the rest will be divided, between the other nine “lines” of the service. To that is added the awaited recognition of the digital platform service, which must have a minimum of 300 units, to receive their official distinctive. Among the already recognized are: ThoService, Big Drive and Cabify, leaving out Ride and Go, which only has about 150 units.