How to find the best gasoline prices with mobile apps

Gas prices are climbing in Mexico. FOTO: SAÚL LÓPEZ /CUARTOSCURO.COM

Forbes Mexico reports that since last Thursday and into the future, fuel prices in Mexico are being defined by the market and not by the government, meaning demand and supply will determine the value of gasoline and diesel for the consumer.

Although no immediate increase in the price of fuel is expected after the release of this new scheme, once the new formula and the market influence them – and as the competition in the quality of gasoline becomes stronger – you will need these tools that can help you locate service stations with the best prices.

These mobile applications are an element of support when locating the nearest gas station, compare prices, denounce stations that do not meet the liter of a liter, among other functions that could be useful to optimize your consumption.

Gas prices are climbing in Mexico.


One of the most popular navigation apps, not only helps you get to your destination, but also gives you the option to search for gas stations.

When you open the application and perform a search you will see the icon of a service pump, when you click on it, it will display a list of the nearest gas stations, showing your address, the distance from you, the price of gasoline both Magna and Premium, as well as when the price was last updated.

On its website you can find the link to download the version according to your operating system.



It is the official app of the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE). This allows you to locate at the national level the nearest gas station, the cheapest or both, as well as by type of fuel. You can also delimit a radius of kilometers of search and it shows you the information of the products and prices of the permisionadas stations.

Also, if you detect any anomaly, it has a function that allows you to report and send a report to the Commission. Click here to download.



The main reason for user complaints, and why Profeco has sanctioned several gas stations, is that “liters” that are not full liters are dispatched. According to the Consumer Procurator’s Office, on average, 1.21 liters less are received in each load.

For this reason, Zenzzer allows motorists to verify in real time if the gas station they attended is properly dispatching, as well as to consult the opinions and ratings of other users about that station. It also shows you the updated prices.

But one of its most outstanding functions is the one that allows you to measure in real time how much liters it will be used in gas stations, since with your ZenzMetter device you can verify if the amount of liters that you were dispatched is the one you ordered. You can find the download link on their website.