Giving in to ‘Temptation’ at Cancun’s newest topless-optional resort

Temptation Cancun resort.

CANCUN — A $40 million renovation has seen Temptation Cancun rise to new levels. TTG’s travel expert and collaborator Andrew Doherty headed to the topless-optional resort to experience its sensual all-inclusive concept…

Fans of Ibiza or Las Vegas will love the Sexy Pool with its adult-themed games and swim-up Boost Bar…

Despite being an Irish lad who enjoys a party, I have to admit feeling a tad nervous in the weeks leading up to my topless-optional resort experience. Will I be surrounded by naked people? Do I have to get naked? Will people be having sex?

The Sexy Pool

Playground for grownups

Yet shortly after arriving at Temptation, my concerns quickly subside as the property not only lives up to its reputation as a fantastic party resort but also proves itself a worthy rival up against the best of Cancun’s hotel options.

First impressions

The resort is just 25 minutes from the airport, and on arrival I am impressed at how slick everything looks. Curvy contours and a predominantly white colour scheme with hints of candy pink make for a modern and refined feel. The brainchild of designer Karim Rashid, Temptation’s $40 million revamp has been fashioned to reflect the shape of a human body.

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