Experts caution about health risks of low quality Chinese cosmetics: Part 2

(Photo: La Verdad)

The consequences of trying to save money or being unaware of the expiration date when buying beauty products could be catastrophic, according to dermatologists…

MERIDA – In the first part of this La Verdad newspaper series on TYT, we talked about the commercialization of low quality Chinese beauty products in general; in this second part, we talk more about the consequences of their usage and what  authorities do in this regard.

Continuing with comments from Dr. Hortensia Veronica Gonzalez, according to the Mexican Academy of Dermatology, perfume that is sold by grams stains the skin and tends to produce hives; the nail varnishes produce a great irritation “impressive lesions of swelling in the fingers because they have two things, one of them is the eosin that is the color of the varnish, and the lacquer that contains preservatives, they have acids that irritate the skin”.

The false nails today are very common; they look nice but they are also a risk because they produce fungi due to humidity. “They are not simple mycoses and you have to take very long treatments in which there is pain, inflammation and complications because there are bacteria,” said the specialist.

(Photo: La Verdad)

She stressed that definitely dermatological diseases are changing, there are new dermatosis produced by Chinese and original cosmetics, they have parasites, bacteria and fungi and produce allergies, sometimes severe and very complicated.

Dr. Hortensia Veronica Gonzalez acknowledged that there is a great disinterest in the Federal Commission for the Protection against Health Risks (Cofepris) to stop the commercialization of that type of products that have caused serious skin problems.

For his part, Álvaro Israel Pérez Vega, commissioner of Sanitary Operation of Cofepris, said in a statement that the Commission has a legal obligation to review products sold in regular establishments and not in informal commerce. According to the dependence in 2016, 13 thousand 731 products were seized in various cities of the country, “The main causes of the seizures were the alleged medical content of some beauty products; the cosmetics are not medicine, they can’t treat diseases, so it is false”.