Ciudad del Carmen Zoo will close due to lack of care for the animals

Ciudad del Carmen Zoo's entrnace (Photo: Proceso),

Animals will be transferred to Tabasco and Merida zoos, because they have the infrastructure to guarantee adequate care of the animals…

CIUDAD DEL CARMEN, Campeche – Due to failure to heed an order to properly care for and feed the 362 animals that inhabit the Recreational and Zoological Park of Ciudad del Carmen, the Federal Office of Environmental Protection (Profepa) ordered the temporary suspension of all the activities at the zoo.

In addition, the Profepa inspectors who visited the site reported that five felines and two hippos will be relocated in Silvestre Life Management Units (UMA) nearby, either from Tabasco or Yucatan.

Ciudad del Carmen Zoo’s entrnace (Photo: Proceso),

They specified that two tigers, three lions, one of those albino, and the aforementioned two hippos, would be sent to the Yunca Park in Tabasco or to the Merida Zoo, because they are the closest adequate facilities. The relocating process was planned to be done on Monday December 11, but due to logistics problems it was reescheduled for Friday December 15.

The relocation of the animals and temporary closure of the Zoo was decided after the sudden death of the albino lion Zeus. The Zoo is currently under investigation because in the last two years 10 animals have died: two jaguars, a macaw, a giraffe, a lion, an ostrich, a peccary (mountain pig), a deer and two other species.

On Monday night the inspectors concluded the bureaucratic procedures, issued the suspension order and notified Néstor Solana Ramos, director of Public Services, that five felines and the two hippos will be relocated. Then they moved to the National Commission of Protected Natural Areas (Conanp) to submit a report and announce the suspension.