28 Cancun cops being investigated for crime links

Cancun police administrators. PHOTO: riviera-maya-news.com

CANCUN — More than two dozen Cancun police officers are under investigation for possibly playing a role in organized crime, reports riviera-maya-news.com.

Approximately 28 members of the Municipal Secretariat of Public Safety are being investigated for their possible link to organized crime during the last three months.

Head of Municipal Secretariat of Public Safety Darwin Puc Acosta says that it is organized crime that does a discredit to police work. He explained that part of their investigation is to determine if any of the accused officers colluded with any organizations, and that they are turning to Internal Affairs for their research.

Cancun police administrators. PHOTO: riviera-maya-news.com

“These narcomantas are just one way that crime discredits the work of the police, so we are looking to remove or relieve the staff as a way of prevention,” he explained.

In the last three months, 28 officers have been mentioned in narcomantas, so officials have begun investigating if anything unlawful has taken place. Puc Acosta says that the General of the State will also investigate the mentioned officers.

While the officers in question are being reviewed, they have not been relieved of their duties.

“The elements mentioned in these narcomantas have not been dismissed because they have not yet been found guilty of anything. Dismissing would be violating their rights,” added Darwin Puc.

Source: riviera-maya-news.com

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