Yucatan’s new anti-corruption prosecutor vows to root out graft

José Enrique Goff Ailloud juring his new post (Photo Sipse)

The new official asknowledges that he will have to start from scratch his anti-corruption team…

MERIDA – The first deputy prosecutor of what will be the State Anti-corruption System of Yucatan, José Enrique Goff Ailloud, said that his functions start from scratch because he lacks a budget, organizational structure and regulations that apply sanctions to those who commit acts of corruption.

It was set as a goal that in two years the vice-prosecutor office becomes the Anti-Corruption General Prosecutor’s Office, so that citizens can be sure that they will independently and freely investigate all cases of deviations from public resources and dishonest acts. He asserted that any state or municipal official who commit any irregularity in the performance of their work will be brought to trial.

According to the report, after knowing that the state legislature approved the ratification decision, he immediately resigned as president of the State Human Rights Commission. He specified that the head of the agency will be mandated by law by the executive secretary of the agency, Miguel Sabido Santana.

José Enrique Goff Ailloud at swearing-in for his new post. (Photo Sipse)

All the services of the Codhey are guaranteed because the operation of it does not depend on a single person, he said.

In Yucatan there are more than 200 civil organizations that work on the issue of human rights,  which is healthy and necessary because today society demands stronger and more professional institutions that provide more effective and honest answers.

He also said that his acceptance as deputy prosecutor against corruption, which depends on the Attorney General’s Office, was because during his term with Codhey he saw systematic violations of the right to education, housing, health and freedom. All because the resources destined to combat poverty are diverted, he added.

From the jurisdictional scope of the deputy prosecutor’s office, he will be able to prosecute the crimes for diversion of resources and ensure that those resources are truly used in the fight against poverty.

Source: www.yucatan.com.mx