(Photo: Desde el Balcón)

The federal government wants to preserve this natural resource and will reinforce producers’ skills through workshops and efforts to protect the melipona bee….

MERIDA — The delegate of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat) in Yucatan, Carlos Berlín Montero, said that “we will not stop at the task of promoting the conservation of the melipona bee because of its high value as a species and, at the same time, we promote its management as a trigger for the economy for the Yucatecan families”.

(Photo: Desde el Balcón)

By coordinating the delivery of an organic management course for the honey bee in Chablekal, which is also attended by residents of Sanahcat, Akil and Seyé, Berlin Montero stressed that training in the management of the melipona bee is very important.

The official remarked that melipona bee honey is a product that many countries like Germany buy, due to its special flavor and healthy properties.

He also stressed that the value of this melipona honey is much higher than the regular honey bee, and that is why it represents the possibility of strongly contributing to the economy of the families that prepare and dedicate themselves to this activity.

Source: www.yucatan.com.mx