Yucatan legislators adopt new law against human trafficking

The new law to Prevent and Combat Trafficking of People establishes who will be the authorities responsible for each step in the prevention program…

MERIDA – Unanimously, on Tuesday November 28 the State Congress approved the new Law to Prevent and Combat Trafficking in Persons and amendments to the Criminal Code of the State, which will create an Inter-Secretarial Commission and a special program in that area.

Regarding the new Law, PRI deputy Olga Abraham reported that among the benefits is the creation of the State Fund for the Attention and Assistance of Victims of Human Trafficking, which is vital for the important processes in the delivery of justice, such as reparation of the damage.

Moisés Rodríguez Briceño, PAN deputy, added that the principles that stand out in this new law are those of maximum protection; the obligation of any authority to ensure the highest application of measures to protect the dignity, freedom, security and other human rights of victims and offenders of the offenses set forth in the law.

The government of the State is given a deadline of 180 days after the publication of this new law in the Official Gazette to install the Inter-Secretarial Commission, so that the heads of the dependencies are responsible for making the decisions and actions in the matter.

Source: www.yucatan.com.mx