Yucatan is the safest state: National Crime Watch Organization


The ranking reflects the high levels of security and the climate of social peace that are experienced in the State…

MERIDA — In the final stretch of the last quarter of 2017, Yucatán maintains the lowest records of high-impact crimes in the entire country, according to the results published by the National Crime Watch Organization (Semaforo Delictivo Nacional, in Spanish), corresponding to the ninth month of this year.

In the most recent study released by the National Crime Watch Organization, a citizen social project to promote peace in Mexico, at the September 30 cutoff, Yucatán was rated with six green lights, out of a total of eight, having the lowest impact values in all the following areas: homicides, kidnappings, extortion, thefts of vehicles, homes and businesses, injuries and violations.

The aforementioned statistics, till September 30, indicates that in the State were registered two intentional homicides, zero kidnappings, two cases of extortion, four robberies of vehicles, 119 robberies of houses and 28 of businesses. In addition 43 complaints of injuries and 23 rapes were reported.

Ranking of the states according a traffic light color code (Image: La Verdad)

The Yucatecan municipalities with more red lights are Tekax with three, for thefts to homes and businesses, and injuries; Umán with two for robbery to houses and businesses and Mérida with two red lights for theft to businesses and assaults. Also with one red light and one amber light are Kanasín and Motul, for robberies of businesses and houses. And in the eastern part of the state, with a red light for business robberies are Tizimín and Valladolid.

Based on official sources and in the analysis of specialized firms such as Lantia Consultores, Yucatán crime ranks the lowest in the country (rate per 100,000 inhabitants, data till September 30, 2017):

  • Homicides average, 1.9. In contrast with the first national place — Colima with 70.3.
  • Kidnappings, in Yucatan no event of this nature was reported. By contrast, Tamaulipas, Tabasco and Zacatecas had indicators of 4.4, 3.6 and 2.4, respectively.
  • Car thefts, only three incidents of this nature were recorded. On the opposite side Baja California Norte recorded 460 in the same period.

The most common crime in Yucatán is business robberies, with a rate of 7%, only surpassed by Nayarit with 6%.

In that survey, it also was remarked that Yucatán is the entity with the highest perception of public safety on the part of its population, since 72.8% of Yucatecans said they perceive the state as safe, which contrasts with the national average that stood at only 25.7%.

Source: www.laverdadnoticias.com