Yucatan economic growth three times higher than the national average

(Photo: panamericanworld.com)

MERIDA — The head of the Mexican Institute of Economy and Finances in Merida, Amenoffis Acosta Rios, said that the current administration is in time to receive the benefits of the programs implemented at the beginning of it, including economic growth three times above the national average.

The leader in finance recognized that Yucatan has become an attractive state for private investment, which has meant better employment opportunities.

“That is what is sought, that there may be better opportunities, we take into account that Yucatan has a growing economy, but, in addition, this will lead to better paid jobs, which in the end is the objective”, he added.

(Photo: panamericanworld.com)

The interviewee attributed this achievement to the government, since although they are not the ones who physically locate the companies, they are the ones in charge of granting the permits, as well as promoting the security and the attractiveness that the state has for the private initiative.

He remarked that the state is growing at three times the average of the Mexican economy, and this is appreciable in the indicators of gross domestic product.

“To give you an idea, the country is growing by two percent and we estimate that Yucatan will grow 6%,” he said.

The interviewee concluded that this is the time for society to go out and look for opportunities, since the private initiative and the government have already done their part.

Source: www.yucatanalamano.com