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What Is Love? 8 Facts about This Feeling

by Yucatan Times
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“Love is a tender feeling, love is the way of being” – a great song says. But not a lot of people actually understand why it happens to us and how it exactly happens. We underestimate and overestimate it. We write poems and novels about this feeling. But you need to productively understand why love happens to people in the first place and why it can cause so much trouble. I trust the facts, even when it comes to something sublime, even when it comes to love. First I will give a few undeniable facts about love, and only those that are not very popular with human consciousness (why – you will find out below). So, without further ado, let’s review interesting facts about love from yesdates:

  1. There is a definition of love. And to know this definition, we don’t need to look up in the dictionary. Love is the instinct of a human, essential for survival.
  2. Love exists not only between people. It is found between several animals and birds. For example, wolves, swans, and especially mice. And why is love given to those animals? For survival purposes, of course. It’s not one of those weird facts about love like you would find on Buzzfeed, it’s our reality.
  3. Love brings suffering and joy. Psychology facts about love are always causing contradiction, but no one would ever argue that love is meant to cause both positive and negative emotions, that is why we hop from one relationship into another. We need to feed ourselves emotionally. A fact: people who love searching for drama also need to receive feeling, but with the negative feedback. That is why some children love grabbing attention by being cute and innocent, and others try to win parents’ heart by being naughty and mean.
  4. Passion is based on an irrational basis and is essentially a biochemical reaction, while love is more rational and calm at the physical level (as long as the object of love is near nothing threatens him or her). This weird fact about love needs more scientific ground, but the amount of dopamine we receive from those butterflies and the amount of adrenaline we feel from passion and lust have different effects on our body.
  5. Love is not the same as selfishness. “I want you to be always there, because without you I feel miserable and bad” – it’s not love. This is selfishness. “I want you to be happy and safe no matter what” – this is love.
  6. Love for the child and love for the spouse differs only in the absence of sexual attraction. That’s it, pure science. Nothing mystical or subliminal.
  7. Love can arise in similar types of personalities. It’s still a very controversial fact and everyone believes that opposites attract each other like a magnet, but when all fun turns into grey reality, people start realizing like how they hell they even met with each other. Opposites attract only during love, as soon as the process ends – people diverge. That’s why elders always say “find a soul mate”.
  8. In a family where members love each other, children have great health and are happier. Love helped a human to survive.

A scientific approach to love:

Man was not a predator, he was too weak to resist predators in the wild. To survive, evolution has given us weapons of mass destruction – a powerful brain. The brain began to increase together with the head size, women became harder to give birth, and the period of gestation of the baby began to increase. The woman became unable to obtain food for herself during pregnancy and for a long time after it. The child also could not get himself food for several years. Therefore, it became necessary to form a pair of men and women. Nature began to regulate this need, otherwise a person would simply become extinct. People began to have sex more often and get more pleasure from it.

Sex became the main point of the instinct of love, no love was existing without sex, even the so-called “virtual love” or “love via chats” is also based on sex, only in fantasies.

The woman did not consent to sex until she was convinced of the seriousness of the man’s intention and his good survival (power, strength and health). The man, in turn, paid attention to women’s health (attractiveness) and care. Since a child in the family can not provide all the needs like feeding, as well as other children are born, it became necessary – as long as possible for a man and a woman to be together. For better health of the child. And health guarantees survival.

That’s what love basically is.

Disclaimer: This sponsored content contains opinions that are those of the author and not necessarily those of The Yucatan Times.

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