Travel tips for this holiday season

Travel experts recommend using search engines to compare costs among airlines…

MERIDA – Buying airline tickets is always one of the most annoying tasks when booking a trip, so TYT brings you, with information from Milenio Novedades, some advice to make this process easier.

To purchase cheap flights, some travel experts recommend using search engines to compare costs among different airlines. On the web there are applications that simplify the task of comparing the flights offered by different companies.

They also suggest staying up during the night, since they say that flights in the early hours of the morning and the last hours of the night tend to be cheaper.

Also is proposed traveling in the low season, as it is up to 40% cheaper than in the high season.

Another recommendation is to buy the tickets in advance, since a ticket purchased up to four months before travel is much cheaper than one purchased the same week of the trip, especially if you know you will be flying on a specific date.

Photo: Delta Airlines

They also suggest seeking flights from low cost companies, since the philosophy of most low cost companies is to offer the same services as the traditional ones without having to increase the price of their tickets.