Saga of confiscated Tulum hotels continues with new eviction order


TULUM. Q. Roo — By order of a judicial warrant, three Tulum hotels that were recently returned to their supposed rightful owners are yet again, being confiscated.

Three Punta Piedra hotels, which were returned to their original owners only a few weeks ago, are set for eviction this week. Security personnel are expected to arrive at all three properties Thursday, Nobember 9 to evict those on the premises and hand over the properties to Real Estate Group Nuevo Rey SA de CV, a company managed by Juan Carlos Palacios Gómez.


The hotels set for repossession are Viento del Mar (formerly Playa Azul), Cabañas Puerta del Cielo and Hotel Rosa del Viento (formerly Ixchel), which were taken by forceful eviction during the administration of Governor Roberto Borge Angulo through a labor lawsuit that resulted in an award of more than 200 million pesos for the benefit of Samuel Aguilar Ibarra and Omar Homer Tijerina Herrera.

After the change of government late last year, authorities determined that the litigation had been a simulation, revoked the ruling and returned the properties to their original owners.

Now, however, a new judicial warrant has been issued by the Fourth District Judge in Civil and Labor Matters in the State of Nuevo Leon for Real Estate Group Nuevo Rey against the same Omar Homero Tijerina Herrera, the alleged former employee now transformed owner.

In the document, the judicial authority in Playa del Carmen has been asked to hand over the material possession of these three hotels to the plaintiff party.

“It has been made known to the required judge that the exhorting court has authorized the use of public force and breaking of locks,” said the document, granting a period of return 30 days from October 25.

Based on this order, Nancy Chale Chan Commercial Judge of the First Instance of Cancun, has ordered Ministerial Police to assist the actuaries to perform the requested diligence, scheduled for this Thursday, November 9 at 9:00 a.m.