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Main Benefits of Travelling with a Girl

by Yucatan Times
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Have you ever wondered what romantic traveling is? Sleepless nights, unforgettable dinners, long walks under the stars, and, of course, passionate kisses in the moonlight. Sounds poetic…

Sure, you can go on a trip and create the plot twist by choosing to travel, followed by your companions, colleagues, family. This kind of trips sounds like a lot of fun. It means exploring the local beach, going to museums, family picnics, gatherings with friends at the club. Still, this way of traveling sounds a bit promiscuous. Family members always get mad because somebody is in the shower for a whole day, friends start fighting the same moment you try to find a film to watch together. At some point people, who don’t turn you on, start getting really annoying. Well, that’s oddly specific, though.

Anyway, here are some main benefits of choosing a girl as your main companion:

  1. Women can cook

Although it does sound borderline sexist, girls are better, because they are at least practical. Please don’t quote me on that. You seem safe when you are around a good girl. She is always supportive and can kiss your knee after a shark bite. She can be gentle and prepare a dinner for you after a hard day of drinking liquor in the local bar. Women are gold. No one of your friends can give you that satisfaction (if they are not randomly working at a Michelin star restaurant, though).

  1. Girls are more accepting.

What keeps you away from your crazy friends? Right, the conflict of interests. Admit it, all of you are pretty stubborn, so choosing where to go can be a real dilemma. Females can be picky, too. Sometimes way more picky than your friends. You might want to ask for a return in this case.

  1. Experience a unique romantic vibe.

Although the word vibe is bonded with hashtags by our beloved millennials, let’s perceive this noun as something deeper. Romance is a good word. Love is a perfect feeling. When two people are in love, they want to share this warmth with the whole world. You don’t notice flaws of each other. You suddenly are born to be young and your place is on cloud nine. Being together, flaunting in this atmosphere is simply perfect. Go to the movies, try exquisite exotic cuisine, climb the highest mountains, dive deep in the sea. Be reckless, be fierce, be totally in love.

  1. It’s your own time.

When we are at work, we usually have so little time to spend together. All this nasty routine, stress, duties almost make us less human of some sorts. A romantic getaway is definitely a must at least once a season.

  1. If you are not with somebody, you can stick to travel girls for dating.

Getting acquainted with a new person is always a good way to broaden your mind. Be a charming foreigner or a mysterious stranger for her. Create a new story. A different story.

Go to romancecompass.com now and find yourself the perfect travel companion!

Disclaimer: This sponsored content contains opinions that are those of the author and not necessarily those of The Yucatan Times.


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