Love triangle results in shooting in Pensiones neighborhood

(Photo: La Verdad)

A fight for a woman between her husband and a soldier ended with a neighbor gravely wounded on Saturday in Colonia Pensiones…

MERIDA – The past Saturday November 4th was when it all happened: a fight that resulted in a shooting in the Pensiones colony before dawn Saturday.

Later the woman with the initials K.V.C.G. confirmed that the fight was because she was going to leave her husband H.A.C to start a new relationship with a soldier, but a friend of the husband intervened and was the one who received three gunshot wounds.

The Facts

Witnesses said that a couple, in the Pensiones neighborhood, was having an argument. Apparently, the husband found evidence that his wife was cheating on him with a soldier, which made him angry and caused fear in the woman.

(Photo: La Verdad)

Then the woman called her lover (the soldier) and asked him to come for her. The soldier arrived at the couple’s house, confronted the husband and when he saw that the husband was not intimidated, he chose to take out his weapon and threaten him.

A neighbor, seeing all the scandal, took a block from his house and threw it into the military man’s car. Enraged, the soldier shot the man. There were three shots, one in the stomach, other one in the back and another one in the head.

The military man and the woman climbed into the car and escaped. The soldier was arrested along with the woman on Circuito Colonias avenue, heading to south of the City, and now he is under custody and will remain detained till the end of the process.