For the second year, Kanasín’s “Nohoch Pib” breaks size record

(Photo: SIPSE, Milenio Novedades)

In its first edition in 2016, the Nohoch Pib measured 120 linear meters; this year it was 150 meters…

MERIDA — In this second edition of the “Nohoch Pib” (Nohoch: Mayan word that means “Big/Huge”), the famous “Día de Muertos” meal broke the record with 150 meters of this traditional dish.

For the elaboration of the mucbipollo, 50 cooks started from the early morning of Saturday November 3, with the preparation of this dish in two bakeries and 42 ovens in private houses of Kanasín.

(Photo: SIPSE, Milenio Novedades)

In this second edition, the “Nohoch Pib” was integrated by 250 pieces of 23 by 12 inches in which there were used 1,500 pounds of dough, 1,984 pounds of chicken and pork meat, 286 pounds of tomato and onion, 1,200 packages of x’pelon (a local variety of bean) and 500 packages of banana leaf.

According to the Secretary of Municipal Social Development, Martín González Alcocer, 100 people distributed approximately 4 thousand 500 pieces of this delicious meal, which is part of the tradition that every November 1-2is celebrated in Yucatan to remember the deceased.

The pib was placed in the vicinity of the parking lot of the Yucatan Convention Center Siglo XXI.

It should be remembered that in its first edition, the Nohoch Pib had an area of ​​120 linear meters in tables placed around the principal park and was served by 80 people.


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